Full Email Marketing Guide for Chiropractors

Full Email Marketing Guide for Chiropractors
calendarJune 25,2023

At iBoost HealthCare, we help our clients better serve their patients with our professional services including SEO and website design for chiropractors. In the digital era, connecting with patients requires reaching out beyond the chiropractic office. Among the many options of digital marketing strategies available, email marketing stands out due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and impressive return on investment.

Introduction to Email Marketing for Chiropractors

Email marketing is no longer just about sending out generic newsletters. Today, it has evolved into a sophisticated method of communication, enabling you to share different kinds of media including links, images, or videos that effectively engage your audience. In the US, most people check their email once per day, and many check it ten times a day or more. Imagine the impact and high ROI your practice can achieve by tapping into the potential of this marketing method.

Understanding Email Marketing

So, what is email marketing? It’s the process of spreading the word about your chiropractic services through a dedicated email strategy. For chiropractors, this technique can drive traffic to your website, improve your ranking on Google, and even help you grow your social media platforms' engagement and follower numbers. A key feature of email marketing is the ability to create automated campaigns. You can "set it and forget it," allowing an entire series of emails to be sent on your behalf, saving you time. 

Email Campaign Automation

Successful chiropractic email marketing is often powered by three key automation types:

  • Lead Generation Campaign: With an opt-in on your website, you can convert more visitors into loyal patients.
  • New Patient On-Boarding Campaign: An email series for new patients can significantly improve patient experience and retention.
  • Re-Activation Campaign: A weekly educational email that invites your audience to schedule an appointment can help keep your schedule full.

Building an Email Marketing List

Before you can get started with email marketing, you need a list of recipients for your campaigns. The ideal place to start building your list is with your existing patients. The collection of email addresses of your past and current patients can kickstart your marketing efforts. The key is not to build a large list, but a quality one. By starting your email list in this way, chiropractors can improve their engagement, open, and click-through rates right from the start. However, always be mindful of the quality of your list. Never buy or rent an email list as this could harm your credibility and deliverability.

Maintaining and Expanding Your Email List

Every quarter, remove anyone from your list that hasn't engaged with an email in the last 12 weeks. This process keeps your deliverability high and ensures that your list only contains individuals genuinely interested in your services. 

Effective List-Building Methods

Building a thriving email list is a continuous process. Some proven strategies include:

  • Website pop-ups: These can convert a large number of site visitors into new subscribers.
  • Offer valuable content: Providing quality e-books or other resources in exchange for email sign-ups can boost your subscriber count.
  • Leverage your blog: Place email sign-up areas after each blog post, offering updates on your latest content.
  • Utilize social media: Promote your email list and offer a special resource for signing up on your social media platforms.

Are You Looking for Professional Website Design or SEO for Chiropractors? 

Email marketing presents chiropractors with an affordable and effective way to connect with patients, drive engagement, and grow their practice. Take action today by launching or improving your email marketing strategy. Let the team at iBoost HealthCare help you reach your goals faster. The potential benefits are far too great to ignore. If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing, SEO, or website design for chiropractors, contact our specialists today and find out what we can do for your business. 

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